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TrackPoint offers a GPS tracking solution that has been developed completely based on the experience and feedback of our business team but most importantly on the experience of our customers. Our GPS tracking solution is in an ever-changing process, based on main streams.

GPS Tracking Systems

Global Positioning System usually called GPS is the satellite navigation system that functions with the help of 27 Earth orbiting GPS satellites. Out of these 27, now 24 are offering services and 3 extras in case one fails. These satellites receive and transmit any radio signals for the GPS receiver on the earth. This provides accurate geographical location of the receiver with longitude, latitude and altitude. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is an advanced method used to track and monitor any remote vehicle equipped with a software unit that receives and transfers signals through GPS satellite. AVL is a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) that provides actual geographic real time position of each vehicle.

CONTROL- Keep this powerful tool and get real control over your fleet, equipment or other assets.
• Locating Vehicles & Crews.
• Theft Monitoring & Alerts.
• Excessive Speed Monitoring. Unauthorized Vehicle Usage Alerts.
• Roadside Assistance Request.
• Verify accuracy of time sheets, mileage reports, call reports.
• Increased Productivity.
If you will be using the best GPS+GPRS+GSM devices to get continuous reporting and great flexibility.
• Where your drivers are.
• Where and when they have gone.
• How long have they been there.
• Closest vehicle to a given location.
• What driver is speeding.
• When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone.


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